Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WorldVitalRecords joined the MyHeritage family

The following is from WorldVitalRecords.

Great News! World Vital Records is now World Vital Records, a MyHeritage Company. By merging World Vital Records' 4+ billion searchable names with MyHeritage's easy-to-use, world-class family tree service and Smart Matching technology, you'll have all that's necessary to explore and expand your family history. World Vital Records will also gain over half a billion new records over the next few months. To read the press release covering the merger, click here.

Celebrate with us by accepting these two exclusive gifts…

First, start searching for ancestors with 50% off a one-year subscription to World Vital Records. Normally $149, it's now reduced to $74.50. This is the best deal offered by World Vital Records ever.

Second, this email includes a 50% discount gift for a subscription to MyHeritage’s line of cutting edge family history tools. Get a Premium subscription to MyHeritage for as low as $37.50 (normally $75). MyHeritage has never offered a discount this large before.

With and becoming one company, you can have access to all these easy-to-use tools:
        • 4.5 Billion Searchable Names
        • Family Tree Builder Desktop Software
        • Online Family Tree
        • Smart Matching™ Technology
        • Photo and Video Albums
        • Facial Recognition Technology
        • Timeline and Timebook
        • Tree Consistency Checker
        • Family Tree Charts and Posters
…and so much more, at a fraction of the cost! Learn more about these tools below. You can easily start a new tree, or import your existing tree into MyHeritage in GEDCOM or a variety of other supported formats.

It's never been easier to discover your family history. Act fast because these gifts are only available until December 7, 2011.


MyHeritage discount code: MERGERDISCOUNT
In order to enjoy your 50% discount, download MyHeritage's free family tree builder software. Once the software is fully downloaded, install it. You will find this software better than most genealogy programs available, and it's completely free. The program has certain extra premium features, such as all-in-one charts, interactive maps, Smart Research and Smart Match merging. If you'd like to enjoy them, select "Upgrade to Premium" from the program's Tools menu. Now make your selection of Premium or PremiumPlus. Open the "Got a discount code?" link and paste MERGERDISCOUNT into the discount code field and follow instructions to finish upgrading your account. Now enjoy all the added features of a Premium or PremiumPlus account, and the Family Tree Builder software will be upgraded to the premium version for life.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this exciting merger. Now go and enjoy all these tools that make your family history search more enjoyable and successful.


The World Vital Records+MyHeritage Team

"How does MyHeritage and World Vital Records joining forces help me with my family history?"
We're glad you asked…

MyHeritage is the most popular family network on the web. On MyHeritage, millions of families around the world enjoy having a private and secure place to explore their family history, share photos and special family moments and keep in touch… with almost one billion family tree profiles in 21 million family trees, supporting 38 languages.

With MyHeritage, you can do all sorts of wonderful things to grow your family tree…
  • Build a Family Tree: FREE! Start out by building your family tree with one of the most intuitive tree builders available. You can either use it online or download the software… you can also import an existing GEDCOM file to get started. Many other family tree file formats are supported. Learn More
  • Family Site: Create a free family site that you can make private or public… Showcase your family tree there to show the fruits of your research to your family. Store family photos and special family moments, learn valuable stats about your family tree, and stay in touch with your family members. Your family will love you for it. Learn More - see the short video
  • Smart Matching™ Technology: This unique technology will match your family tree to almost a billion profiles in other family trees, bridging across differences in spelling and language. So in a matter of minutes, you could discover a completely unknown part of your family and reunite long lost ties. Learn More
  • Face Recognition Technology: Now you can find out who was in that old family photo that has been stored in the attic. With face recognition technology, you can enjoy automatic tagging of your photos, identify relatives and even find additional photos of loved ones that you didn't know existed. Learn More
  • Tree Consistency Checker: MyHeritage will help ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies within your family tree. Learn More
  • Displaying your Heritage: With MyHeritage, you easily create personalized and elegant Family Tree Charts and print them at home, or have them professionally printed on Beautiful Posters. Enjoy an automatically created Digital TimeBook, and the animated, interactive TimeLine.
  • Ease of Use: MyHeritage is revolutionizing the family history industry with many technological advances, but they are also making sure you don't have to be a rocket scientist to use them. You will find MyHeritage to be very easy and intuitive to use.
  • AND SO MUCH MORE…there are too many benefits to cover in one email. Be sure to learn more about all the benefits of MyHeritage.

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