Sunday, March 09, 2008

New FamilySearch Version .92 Released

I enjoyed this write up and the screen shots Gary Turner has posted on his website regarding NFS newly release version .92. He has done an excellent job so I will leave things in his own words.
Posted on the LDS Tech Website
Subject: new FamilySearch Version.92 out 3 March 2008

The new version of nFS V.92 is now out. When you go to the Pedigree with Details view you will now see a new Tab called "Summary". In this summary area you can select the correct names, dates, and places to be the default information that will show in all the pedigree and family views. Once selected by one person this default will then display for everyone. In V.91 the default information was based on a sort of all the different versions in the folder. This is a great improvement and will prevent a lot of errors in combining. The old summary view was located in the Details section but did not have the option to select the correct data. In the old version you could enter another opinion and it would elevate a name in the sort for you but not for everyone else.

There are also now more possible matches shown in the "Possible Matches" area, but be careful many of those shown now are not good matches, they are now rated with stars as to how close of a match they are.

You can now navigate the combined records pages more easily. You no longer need to go through the combined records one page at a time, there are more options to go to different pages.

Now when you choose a different set of parents, they stay in your pedigree from session to session, before this update they would revert back to the top parents in a sort when you logged off.

There is now a limit of 1000 names for a GEDCOM file submission and you must certify that you have checked in nFS to make sure you are only submitting new names and not duplicates.

If you are interested in seeing some screen shots in a slide show of the new functions go to: newFamilyHistory Consultant Page


Renee's Note: I am excited about these very needed changes. FamilySearch is making wonderful strides. On the New FamilySearch website you will find a link to What's New in the New FamilySearch? It's dated 15 Feb 2008 but it is speaking about what just came out in version .92. Make sure you bookmark Gary's website - it's a great resource.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.

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