Monday, October 17, 2011

Online Film Ordering for all of North America

The following was on the LDS-Ward-Consultant Mailing List.

For those of you who are not directors, but would like to learn how Online Film Ordering works, visit You will see a link that says *Ordering Help*. Click that and then click the
*User Guide* link for a .pdf document that walks you though ordering films.

On 19 October, the last area of North America will have been moved to this way of ordering films and Inventory Manager will be "turned off" for all of North America and Church Distribution will no longer accept film orders by
telephone. So, if you have not yet learned about this new method of ordering. please visit our website and get acquainted with it.

We have a team of support agents who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. From the Online Film Ordering website (see above), click *Feedback* which you'll see along the upper right side of the screen. Then
click *Contact FamilySearch* in the list on the right. You will be able to speak to us by telephone, by email, or by live chat.

Nancy Tychonievich
Patron Services - Online Film Ordering Team

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