Saturday, June 09, 2007

Totally Charged

I was just reading this article on The Boston Globe - MIT Discovery could unplug your iPod forever. Seems they have figured out a way to wirelessly light a 60-watt, unplugged light bulb from seven feet away. There was no physical connection between the power source and the light bulb. They used a carefully designed magnetic field to deliver power.

The future could someday allow us to wirelessly recharge our electronic devices, from iPods to laptops this way. This would be major coolness. No more chargers or batteries. My digital camera would always be able to take pictures. I could upload them to my laptop that never dies and do genealogy all day long. I could listen to genealogy podcasts everywhere I go. My cell phone would always ring... well, maybe that's not a good one.

Technology is just amazing. Now could someone just make a land-line phone that would give me all the cool features of a cell phone. Come on we have cordless phones already. I would just love to text message my kids this way. I haven't looked to see if there is such a phone out there like that, but if there isn't I want credit for the invention!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.

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Elizabeth Powell Crowe said...

Hi Renee! I'm a friend of DearMYRTLE, and she is how I got to your blog.
I agree with you that wireless energy would be wonderful. (I'm remembering the weeks and weeks in 2004 when we were without power thanks to the hurricanes, while hundreds of young men and women put the wires back up!) But do you see any down side? The law of unintended consequences makes me wonder. Perhaps there are no biological effects of a high-power electromagnetic field in our home, in which case, I'll be the first in line at Best Buy to get one of these. But I'd want proof that these gadgets won't scramble the DNA of any (at this point, putative and only potential) grandkids in my house....
Remember, the Interstates were built for national defense. What they did was make us a nation of suburbs and bedroom commuities, and totally addicted to foreign oil. Had we stuck with trains....
Anyway I love your blog!
Come see mine!