Sunday, November 04, 2007

Adventures in FamilySearch Indexing - Week 15

It's week 15 for FamilySearch Indexing and I have now indexed 1,510 names. That is almost 100 names a week indexed. Way cool! It's been really fun, interesting and I'm really glad that I started this adventure.

At first I was kind of nervous about the 1850 U.S. Federal Census and the handwriting. But like anything the more you look at it the easier it becomes. This week the census taker really like to add what looked like an "e" after all the capital letter.

I had one family with two sets of twins. I'm guessing twins because of the ages. The oldest set were 13 years old girls both named Julia. One had the middle initial "E" and the other "G". I wonder who thought up that clever idea. I sure hope they didn't both actually go by Julia - how confusing. When the second set of twins showed up it was a girl and a boy this time - Chloe and Calvin. Now that would be easier but you can see they wanted the letter "C" for both of them. Anyways I found that interesting.

I indexed 126 individuals today and it went by so fast. I think the batches are so much faster than the 1900 census were. Less names and less information gathered. I don't mind the 1850 census at all now. Now watch the Vermont 1850 census get completed and I won't know what state to index.

The plan of action this week was to get a flyer ready for my ward bulletin board on the need for Spanish Indexers. That didn't happen - what did happen was I got a job. Yup me's going back to work. Not to excited about that but thank goodness it is part-time. I am disabled so I get social security which the amount recently deceased because I have a 18 year old now. My older son is planning a mission so yup we need the income. I have to get through 6 weeks of full-time training and I don't know how in the world I can physically manage that. But I'm game for it. Then I get to work from home - way cool.

The job start tomorrow, Monday - things really did move fast. Now I will have to see how FamilySearch Indexing works with my schedule. I still plan on doing it so there will be no shortages of articles on it. This has become such a habit now. Only now I get to report from the bases of being a working mom too.

I have two items of news to share with you about FamilySearch Indexing.
  1. According to The Journal's October 2007 issue FamilySearch Indexing hit a record high of 24,718 batches indexed in one day. It doesn't say how many individuals are in a single batch but I estimated 50 - because the 1900 U.S. Federal Census was that. That would be approximately 1,235,900 names in one day. Are we going great or what? I have to thank the Ancestry Insider for bring me that information.
  2. If you need instructions in Spanish on how to register to be a volunteer indexer for FamilySearch Indexing - Lorraine Hernandez on the LDSFHCConsultant mailing list has provided the link to them. They are in PDF format.
That's all for My Adventures in FamilySearch Indexing this week. I'm having a great time and I sure hope you are too.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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hope all goes well with the new job