Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Roll-out Continues

We have some more temples that were announced for the 90 day roll-out of New Family Search. This time it is the Australian temples - Sydney and Melbourne. Once again I wasn't going to call to confirm but I did have readers notify me of their letters.

It appears that you can keep track of the roll-out in several different flavors.

Google Maps of NFS Roll-out - created by Miles Meyers (link is on my blog)

Temple Districts Using NFS - article and graphics by the Ancestry Insider

NFS Roll-out - by ME! (link is on my blog)

I am kinda rushing to get to work - it's just been crazy with the training schedule but I am still alive and functioning and that is a major accomplishment for me. When I get a chance to do some more investigating I will let you know what I learn.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Richard said...

Manhattan temple district received word yesterday to prepare for rollout in about 4 months.

Richard Monk
Wilton, CT