Friday, February 08, 2008

NFS Roll-out Advances Around the World

I've been busy updated my listing of the temple districts that are live or announced to go live with new FamilySearch. The International temple districts have also been divided into areas. The list is large and I have counted 125 temples, with 54 of them either live or going live. That means 43% of the temple districts have been announced. I have been hearing rumors that 50% have been announced, if that is so I am short some. It is very difficult for me to confirm the international temple districts statuses. I appreciate those that have written to advise me when they have received word.

New Temple Districts added:

Stockholm, Sweden
Bern, Switzerland
Frankfurt, Germany
Freiberg, Germany
Helsinki, Finland
London, England
Preston, England
Washington D.C
Chicago, IL

You can view my complete listing of temples live with NFS or announced at: New FamilySearch Roll-out. If you have any announcements to add please email me at:

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Richard Monk said...

Please add "Date of last update" to your Temple District Roll-out page. It will make the page more useful.