Friday, November 21, 2008

Family History Lesson Series

The following is from FamilySearch Support.

Family history consultants are often asked to teach family history classes. The Family History Department is developing resources that consultants can use to teach these classes.

A new series of family history lessons is now available through These short lessons are available for download in .pdf format. They may be used as self-study or as supplemental lessons for family history consultants who teach family history classes. The following lessons are available:
  • Lesson 1: Perform Descendancy Research
  • Lesson 2: Conduct Family History Interviews
  • Lesson 3: Involve Children and Youth in Family History
  • Lesson 4: Write a Personal History
  • Lesson 5: Create a Family History
  • Lesson 6: Involve Your Extended Family in Family History
  • Lesson 7: Use the Internet for Family History Research
To access these lessons, follow these steps:

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