Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GenSeek on Facebook

I work for FamilyLink/WorldVitalRecords.com and I have personally been very excited to see GenSeek come online. The wait has been terrible but it will be way worth it. GenSeek will bring FamilySearch's Family History Catalog into web 2.0. It will become the place to look for genealogy reference materials.

The first phase of GenSeek's release is the Facebook application. I was very excited to see two well done articles on this application written by others. I see no need in reinventing the wheel so I am going to refer you to both. Both have great screen shots.
  • "GenSeek on Facebook" (best read using Mozilla Firefox) on Tamura Jones' website Modern Software Experience
I couldn't wait to download the app on Facebook and play around. WAHOO!! I found new materials on my Weatherwax family that I didn't know about. I love how you can click on the link to have it notify you when an item is digitized. It will send you an email notification when it becomes available online. Way cool!

You will find not only listings from the Family History Library Catalog, but also from Google books. It will link to more and more record holders as time goes on. If a resource is digitized you will be able to view it, make comments about it, mark it in your favorites, etc. It's just fantastic and this is only the first phase.

Oh, I'm just having too much fun!

See ya tomorrow for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Anonymous said...


Guess my revelation surprised your PR folks. They did not know that I had discovered it, but it is all free publicity for GenSeek :-)
Thanks for the kind words about the article.

- Tamura