Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ordinance Tracker Stand Alone Released

The following is from Ohana Software creator of FamilyInsight.

Ordinance Tracker was first released as an integrated part of the program FamilyInsight. Because of its success, Ohana Software has now released Ordinance Tracker as a stand alone. The program is new in that it gives LDS genealogists the ability to print and track ordinances in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface. When you bring up your reserved ordinances, it actually looks like a bunch of ordinance cards stacked up by type. Three stacks, pink, blue, and yellow. When asked about this design, John Vilburn said "The simple design is meant to be intuitive. You pick up the ordinance card and put it into the ordinance request preview, then click print. There's not much to learn."

The ordinance tracker cards also show you what is going on in much the same way. If an ordinance is complete, you see the date as if it were stamped on there. If a card has been printed it says so. And if it is ready to go, it says “ready”.

Some LDS genealogists have been hesitant to submit family names to the temple because they would prefer to do them themselves and don't want their ancestors stuck waiting. This is no longer a problem because users can see exactly what is going on with their temple assigned ordinances. If a card has been processed at a temple, the card says so. If not, and a user doesn't want to wait, they can take it back from the temple list by simply dragging and dropping it back to their personal list.

“One of the factors that contributed to releasing Ordinance Tracker as its own program, was the feedback we receive from family history center directors and consultants saying that it made teaching ordinance management so much simpler for them.” said John. “By releasing it by itself, it makes it available to everyone, no matter what database program they are using” All that is needed to run the program is an active login to the new FamilySearch website. For this reason, Ordinance Tracker can be used with any of the current database programs like Rootsmagic, Ancestral Quest and Legacy. For those who have decided to work directly from FamilySearch, without a desktop database program, the program is a much needed tool to organize their reserved ordinances.

To find out more about the ordinance tracker program, Visit the Ohana Software website. Ordinance Tracker costs $12.50 and is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

For those that currently use FamilyInsight, Ordinance Tracker will still be included the tools menu for you to use.

For more information on Ordinance Tracker visit: www.ohanasoftware.com/OrdinanceTracker

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