Saturday, January 09, 2010

FamilySearch Wiki now works with LDS Account

FamilySearch Wiki now works with the new LDS Account logins.

To see this, go to and click 'Sign in'. You should then see the LDS Account page. You can also log in to the wiki as a new user that way.

If you have previously registered for the Wiki, you can combine accounts by doing the following:

1. Go to the wiki and sign in, using the current username and password.

2. After signing in, go back to the main page by clicking on the FamilySearch logo.

3. Look to the right. The last item under 'personal tools' should say 'Combine accounts'. Click on hat, and follow the instructions.

4. After combining accounts, you can confirm it took by first clicking on the FamilySearch logo at the top left, then look for 'Recent edits' on the main page (below the search box and with other things). You will see an e ntry on the recent edits page for a 'user migration log'. You'll see the old name migrated from and where you migrated it to. Don't worry, if you do it now, you should be able to keep the same name if they are indeed the same, otherwise it will be your LDS Account username.


James Tanner said...

Thanks for the info. I got on and took care of consolidating my logins and such immediately. Thanks again.

hummer said...

I have been slow about going here. Will have to give it a try.
Thanks for the helps.