Thursday, March 03, 2011

Community Patron to Gain Access to new FamilySearch Beta Testing

The following is from the FCHNET Mailing List.

Starting March 7, 2011, 2000 Community Patrons will be allowed to register for newFamilySearch and Activate their FamilySearch account. After the first 2000 are accepted they will be taken to a sorry page and a page to enter information and be put in a queue for the next group to be allowed to enter the next group of BETA testers. Program will be in a BETA test mode until sometime in 2013.

Information was from training agenda given to FamilySearch Missionaries this morning. (1 Mar 2011)

1. Look at the 'What's New' link to the right of the login boxes when you go to nFS to sign in, that document is specifically there for those first 2,000 people.

2. Once in, a different 'What's New' document also appears, with additional updates, and it additionally says that 'one should not assume that everyone on (the site) is a member of the Church, and reiterates that one should not put anything about temple ordinances in the 'discussions' tab for any ancestor.

From the "What's New in the New FamilySearch Website" page:

In February 2011, we’ve invited a limited number of public users to begin testing public access to the new
FamilySearch website.

These testers see the entire system with the following exceptions:
• They do not see LDS ordinance information and features.
• They cannot sign in to help someone else.

These valued testers will help us make sure the system can handle the increased load. We also hope to gain insight about how FamilySearch Support can continue offering great support for a product that provides  different features for different groups of people.

We have already selected our public testers. But as our test expands in the future, we plan to let you invite nonmember family members to participate. When we are ready, we will let you know how.

Working in a Public System

You can no longer assume that everyone using the system is a Church member. Please be courteous and inclusive when you contact others.
• Everyone’s contact information has been reset. Please review your preferences, and select the contact information that you want displayed in a public system.
- Your contact name continues to show.
- If your preferences were set to show your e-mail address, your e-mail address still shows. If your preferences were set to hide your e-mail address, it is still hidden.
- If your preferences were set to show a mailing address or telephone number, they no longer show. If you want them to show again, you need to update your preferences. (On the Home page, click Update my profile and preferences.)
• In your e-mail contacts, please do not assume that all contributors are Church members.
• In the discussion boards, please do not discuss the performance of temple ordinances.
• Please do not use the system to proselytize.

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