Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My New Year's Goal for 2013

This year I want to focus on my family website Harrisena - Somewhere in Time.  The website is on RootsWeb Freepages and that's the way I want it. I like the fact that it's free and I don't have to worry about  paying for the site to keep it live.  When I die my website won't die with me.

The very first website I built was on Geocities.  In fact I built several of them because I would max out the size limit on these free sites. Then I learned about RootsWeb Freepages and wanted to move everything over there. I started linking to my Geocities website until I could move things over.  Which of course never happened. Geocities closed a couple of years ago and I am still linking to some pages that are gone. I saved the Geocities website to my computer so I know what I need to add again.

I have been building the RootsWeb Freepages website using the HTML editor it has. It's probably no better than using notepad to write the code. My desire this year is to use a program to help me build and edit the pages. I believe I want to learn CSS so the pages can be uniform.

I played with the idea of using a blog to create my website but there are limits to that. You can't upload files to a blog, but have to host them somewhere else. I want to add the files I created with RootsMagic's Publish Online to my website. RootsMagic has a server you can upload to for free, but my website it to large for it. Besides I really want all my files in one location and not scattered all over the place. It makes it easier to back things up.

I asked for advise from my Facebook friends on a program to help me build my website.  So far it looks like Kompozer will help me do what I want to do. So this new program I have to learn so I can reach my goal of redesigning and improving my current website.

This is probably the biggest blessing I could leave my family, a nice website with all our genealogy. It's been ignored for way to long and the year has come to do something about it.

So I am picking this one new thing to learn and do this year. That should keep me really busy.

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Phyllis said...

Hi Renee. I host my Wordpress website on GoDaddy. My plan gives me a huge amount of storage. I started my sight two years ago and also want it to continue after I am gone. My daughter agreed to manage and pay for the site so our family can continue to enjoy it. The cost of the site is low. I have tons of photos on my site and also have my gedcom reports on there. The site is www.delprincipefamilytree.com if you want to check it out. Wordpress is super easy to use.