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LDSTech Newsletter has a New Look

LDSTech's web presence at has a new look! Do you recognize the similarity with  Notice the way web elements make better use of your screen area, making it easier to see and click or tap on objects and menu items as you navigate around the new interface.

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Improving Member Online Communications

With the Church’s recent statements on ways digital media can be used to spread gospel messages online, and encouragement for members to use the Internet to flood the earth with truth and righteousness, many have questions about sharing beliefs without appearing to be “preachy” or “pushy.” This concern is understandable. In an era of crowded and confusing voices online, it can be difficult to tell if communications will be heard and understood.
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Check Out "Something Worthy" from the 2014 App & Game Contest 

Are you waiting anxiously to get your hands on some creative new apps with gospel-centered themes? Are you looking for something worthy to occupy your children and teens? While the 2015 App & Game contest is gearing up, take a moment to check out the many creative apps from the 2014 contest. You will find all the 2014 contest entries in the LDSTech Wiki.  Use the descriptions to guide your selections and follow active links to the respective app stores and sponsor websites. Read more to read about a few of the winning entries that invite exploration.

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Face-toFace with Elder and Sister Bednar: a Historic Event 

If you missed the live Face-to-Face event with Elder and Sister Bednar on May 12, or want to revisit the Q&A sessions held with youth from around the world, the conversation is available online at the Youth Activities Website. Tune in and as you watch and listen, open your mind and heart to the influence of the Spirit.  You will be richly rewarded.
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New Navigation Menus: Resources Easier to Find

The phone rings on Saturday night. It's your child's Sunday School teacher asking you to be the last-minute substitute for his class. "You can find the lesson on," he says before hanging up. is easy to find, but now where do you go? released a new navigation menu, the latest of the Church's continuing improvements to make its official website more personalized and easier to use. 
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7 Tips for LDS Members Using Social Media in Church Callings 

Chances are pretty good you have social outlets on the web to connect with family and friends. Maybe you use the Internet to communicate with members or do missionary work.  You may not realize that what you post, share, or display on the web in any form says a lot about you, and a lot more about the Church you represent, so a periodic assessment of your web presence is timely and appropriate.

7 Tips for LDS Members Using Social Media in Church Callings - YouTube cleverly displays what you need to know.  Collectively the seven tips serve as a checklist for anyone using the interest to spread the gospel message. 
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Gospel Library for Windows 8.1: Improving Personal Study and Lesson Preparation

Many members use Gospel Library for Windows (GLW) for reading, reference, and multimedia activities, hesitating to do more because they have not yet upgraded to Windows 8.1, and because Windows apps formerly did not have all the features of iOS and Android. With the recent release of GLW, the gap is closing.

In this two-part series, learn more about how GLW now shares the same iconography and navigation features as other platforms, and makes use of some very helpful tools native only to Windows environments. 
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Create Memorable Impressions with the Media Library

Media can be a wonderful enhancement to a gospel lesson.  It can bring a spiritual tone that  leaves memorable and lasting impressions. The LDS Media Library at offers many resources for teaching, learning, and sharing gospel media. Instructions for accessing and using technology tools that support media use are also available in the media library.

If you have been reluctant to use audio and visual components in your teaching due to the potential for unforeseen technical difficulties, read more about suggestions that will help you avoid technical glitches. 
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LDSTech Broadcast July 10th 

Save the date for the next live LDSTech Broadcast, Friday, July 10th at noon (MDT).  

Watch LDSTech Broadcasts 

DateStreamPresenter & Topic
2015 – APR - 17Jeff Isom –
Justin Krebs – LDS Tools
Tony Spencer – Gospel Library for Windows 8
2015 – JAN – 9Rob Boshard - Mormon Channel
2014 – JUL – 11Jesh Barlow – FamilySearch Mobile Apps
2014 – JUN – 06Mike Madsen – Youth Activity Pages on
2014 – MAY – 02Michael Colemere – Four Elements of Successful Communication Strategies
2014 – MAR – 14Mel Broberg – Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL)
2014 – FEB – 07Jim Byer – Windows 8 Gospel Library
2014 – JAN – 10Hal Rushton – Gospel Content on the Feature Phone
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