Monday, October 19, 2015

Ancestral Systems releases Clooz interface to Family Historian

The following is from Clooz.

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Ancestral Systems LLC has released version 3.5 of Clooz, a Windows desktop program aiding family history researchers in organizing and tracking all of the document records they collect. Having reviewed all of the information they found, Clooz users can then make educated decisions on which people belong in their family tree. In this latest update of Clooz, Ancestral Systems has added yet another family tree program, Family Historian by Calico-Pie, to the list of programs users can transfer records (people, events, sources) to using Clooz's sophisticated document export tool. The tool assists users by identifying events which can be drawn from the document information they previously entered into Clooz. Sources are transferred, and the newly created events are automatically cited to the source.

Using Clooz, researchers can enter information into the program from various documents in a format appropriate for that document, collect such information from documents that seem to have some possibility of relating to their research question, evaluate the information, and then make appropriate decisions on exporting the person, their events, and source citations to their family tree program. The tedious process of entering all of the information into their family tree program and citing each fact with sources is eliminated. It is all taken care of by Clooz's document export tool. The tool provides the user complete control over every piece of information that is to be transferred from the Clooz document record to the family tree program. Parent child relationships can be designated so that the people will show up in the right families when exported to the family tree program.

In addition to Family Historian, Clooz also exports data to

Legacy Family Tree, The Master Genealogist, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker, and any other program supporting the import of GEDCOM files. Clooz is able to maintain synchronization of identification numbers for persons imported or exported with Family Historian, Legacy and RootsMagic, making it easy for users to identify matching people in each program.

All registered Clooz 3 users having active update/support services will receive this update the next time they open Clooz 3. Others can find additional information at, and download a 30 day free trial. Clooz can be purchased at that same site for $39.95.

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