Saturday, November 10, 2018

Apply to be a speaker, exhibitor, or ambassador at RootsTech London!

Be a Speaker, Exhibitor, or Ambassador at RootsTech London
We’re thrilled to announce that applications for speakers, exhibitors, and ambassadors for RootsTech London are now open! If you’re interested in participating in the conference in one of these areas, please review the options below, and apply!
Be a Presenter
As a presenter, you’ll be surrounded with unique opportunities to share your personal knowledge, build your brand, and network with people from around the globe. Learn about the RootsTech London speaker benefits, and submit your presentation proposal here.
Be an Exhibitor or Sponsor
As an exhibitor or sponsor, you’ll have unprecedented opportunities to make sales, interact with customers, and fortify business relationships. Learn about the different exhibitor and sponsor options, and apply here.
Be an Ambassador
Ambassadors will serve as positive advocates for the RootsTech London event and are counted on to use social media and blog channels to amplify conference announcements and offerings.
Learn more about the ambassador program, and apply here.
*Attendee registration for RootsTech London, happening 24–26 October 2019, will open February 27, 2019.
**Questions? Contact us at

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