Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adventures in FamilySearch Indexing - Week 29

It's been a busy week and it was nice to finally relax and do some FamilySearch Indexing. I was happy to see that the New York 1850 U.S. Federal Census was still available for me to index. I was able to do 3 batches. I couldn't believe how varied the handwriting was between the batches.

I kinda wish they would let you pick a number of batches and get all the same handwriting. Then I realized that if you downloaded multiple groups with bad handwriting people new to indexing would think they were all that way. It would be very frustrating and make some people quit indexing. So I guess headquarters knows what they are doing by mixing things up a bit.

I am doing really good on "My Personal Goal" I set for this month. My goal was to index 400 names by the last Sunday in February. Right now I have 252 names submitted and 148 names to index in order to reach my goal. That would be a target rate of 11 names per day, 4 more batches would more than reach my goal. I have two more Sundays left so I am right on target. So far to date I have indexed 2,934 individuals. Next week I should hit the 3,000 mark - WAHOO!

There were no new messages from headquarters this week. There wasn't much activity on the message boards either regarding FamilySearch Indexing. I sure hope everyone is still indexing. I know they are hoping to get about a million indexers working on the projects. They figure in 6 more years everything will be digitized out of the granite mountain vaults but the big push will still be to get them all indexed.

Well I am going to close kinda short this week. I just received the go ahead to log into new FamilySearch - since I attended that class Thursday night. I can't wait to go to work combining people. Maybe I need to write a sister article on "My Adventures in New FamilySearch." It would need a better title, I guess I will give it some thought.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Jud Wooters said...

Though you cannot yet download them, the next census to be indexed looks like the 1870 ... exciting. It really is going quick.