Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Careful Roll-out of NFS Starts Up

I recently asked my source at FamilySearch about the current rumors that the roll-out of new FamilySearch was starting up again. You will be happy to learn that the careful movement of new temple districts going live with new FamilySearch is true.
Sister Zamora,
Yes, a few additional temple districts have been added. These include Bismarck ND & Monterrey Mexico on April 8th and Toronto Canada & Oaxaca Mexico on April 15th. Dallas TX, Melbourne Australia, and Perth Australia were deployed today, April 22nd. The only other temple with a rollout date is Bern Switzerland which is scheduled for April 29th.
For those of you keeping track I have updated my "New FamilySearch Roll-out" spreadsheet. I am so happy that we are seeing progress in the roll-out again. Personally I am very excited about this new list because my sister and nieces live in the Toronto Canada temple district. WAHOO! maybe I can get them excited about genealogy and come play with me.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Christie said...

Lubbock will "Go Live on May 13, 2008. Woohoo! We got our four month notification dated early Dec, received mid Jan, but then were in limbo as things came to a halt. Our Area advisors doing training next weekend.