Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Monster Obituaries

I was just reading this article "Monster founder sets sights on online obits" and thought you might be interested in it. Monster founder, Jeff Taylor, has just created I think it's a fantastic idea to spread technology into our access to free obituaries. The site will be funded by ads and I don't mind seeing ads if I have free access to content.

Taylor saw the need out of people living further from home and their desire to be notified when someone from their hometown dies. The obituaries will be gathered from funeral homes, organizations, even the Social Security Administration. You can sign into the site and set email alerts for locations, family, schools, military or professions. Tributes will send you a notification when someone you know from these groups passes away.

I visited and set a few alerts that I am interested in. Then I played around and found older content on the site. Meaning even though this is a new website they do have older content that is worth looking at. You can even edit the obituary and ad your own story to it. If you view your account you can even see a list of all the obituaries that you left condolences on.

I like the site and I'm sure it will bring all of us useful information in the future.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Stephen Disler said...

Thanks Renee. You may also want to check out National Hall of Records ( as they have been doing what Taylor is describing since October by working directly with their funeral home and cemetery members for their content as well as the SSA database. Great content

Glen Parker said...

Just reviewed the NewFamilySearch chart of Temple Districts and saw that the Utah and Idaho Temple Districts are the only US Districts not yet announced. Maybe they will be next.

Renee Zamora said...

Thanks Stephen for the new link. I will check out National Hall of Records.

Glen I sure hope the temples districts in Utah and Idaho are announced next!