Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Important message for all FamilyInsight users

The following email is from Ohana Software.

If you do not use FamilyInsight, please accept our apologies and ignore this message.

We have been asked by FamilySearch to contact all of our customers with the following message:

The FamilySearch team has discovered that certain search requests can have a negative impact on performance of the New FamilySearch system. The effect of this disables all access from third-party products, including FamilyInsight. The FamilySearch team is investigating this problem and expects to have a solution in place in the near future.

As an interim measure, we have added some safeguards to FamilyInsight to help alleviate this problem. It is essential that everyone who is using FamilyInsight update to the latest version (2009.1.23.0 or later).

To see which version you have, open FamilyInsight and go to the Help menu on the menu bar and click on About FamilyInsight.

To get the latest version, go to and click on the Download button on the bar at the top.

If you need assistance with this please contact us at or go to and click on the Live Support box in the left column to chat with a support representative.

Please update immediately so everyone can continue to work with without interruption.

Thank you,
John Vilburn
Ohana Software LLC

1 comment:

Henry said...

I have opted not to use Family Insight but Roots Magic 4 which is in development and beta testing at present. The current test build has encountered some issues and they seem to me to be at the nFS interface with add on software as the error messages are originating within nFS.
President Hinckley spoke of the huge technical challenge that nFS represents. The difficulties will be overcome and add on software comes into its own if you are managing large data bases and trying to link generations and resolve disputes.
Without add ons you can approach nFS with the "twig and branch" approach to checking for duplicates but it is much slower and has the potential to frustrate.