Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Book about Google Demonstrates Worldwide Interest in Genealogy & Family History

Book Reveals Deep Connections between Google and Genealogy Research

PROVO, Utah, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Google Your Family Tree, a popular new book designed to provide individuals with specialized tips for finding family history information on the Internet has generated worldwide interest since it began shipping just two months ago. Within the first 30 days following commercial availability, orders for the book were shipped to customers in all 50 United States, every Canadian province, and more than 20 other international locations. Visitors to the GoogleYourFamilyTree.com website have come from 81 different countries spread across every continent - a testament to the worldwide popularity of both genealogy and Google.

"I've always felt that Google was an exceptional tool for many different aspects of genealogy," said Dan Lynch, author, Google Your Family Tree. "I couldn't be more pleased with the feedback from customers around the world - beginners and professionals alike - who are just now discovering the hidden power of Google to uncover clues relevant for their family history research."

With nearly 5,000 copies shipped to date, Google Your Family Tree is believed to be among the fastest selling genealogy titles of all time and is quickly becoming a standard reference for individuals and libraries alike.

"I thought I was a Google expert, fully familiar with the search engine's operation. However, I learned a number of new tricks by reading Dan Lynch's book. I bet you will also," said Dick Eastman, editor, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. "If you want to conduct more effective searches on Google, be it about genealogy or nearly any other topic, reading Google Your Family Tree will increase your expertise."

While Google Your Family Tree was designed specifically for genealogists and family history enthusiasts, the content in this book can be readily applied to anyone who uses the Internet. "Whoever uses Google must get this book, whether you are a genealogist, a student with a homework assignment, or a cooking buff looking for a recipe," said Gary Mokotoff, author, lecturer and leading expert in the field of Jewish genealogy. "Google Your Family Tree is a must for every household, not merely for family history research, but for every family member that uses the Internet to glean information."

Google Your Family Tree is packed with useful content such as search engine basics, effective query structure, advanced search techniques, blog searches, language tools, how to get started in genealogy, and much more. "And, that is the magic of this book. It takes one of the most common Internet experiences--a Google search--and puts it in a new light, making it seem brand new," said Paul Allen, CEO, FamilyLink.com, Inc. "I vouch for its usefulness for both the serious web searcher as well as someone that is new to the world of Google."

The book is 340 pages, carries ISBN 978-0-9820737-1-1, and sells for $34.95 (USD). To learn more about the book, read reviews or to purchase a copy, visit: http://GoogleYourFamilyTree.com/.

Renee's Note: I've read the book and it is fantastic and lives up to the hype.

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