Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ancestral Quest Enhancements

I just received the following email from Ancestral Quest and I thought you would like to be in on the scoop too!

We've recently added the ability to let the user upload LDS Ordinances to nFS, and to download the Confirmation and Initiatory information. We've also added just a little color to our action icons for your enjoyment :-)

By the way, we have added a couple of new, shorter tutorials on the nFS syncing at When I teach a seminar, I can cover the full scope without losing the audience's attention, as they are able to interact. But as you've mentioned, asking a user to cover the full set of features in one sitting in a tutorial gets long. So we're breaking it into smaller chunks.

Thank you,


Aah, shorter is much better, and color too! I watched the 11 minute Overview of Syncing AQ with NFS and actually understood what the process is. Not so scary to me now. I am amazed on how many other tutorials there are on the program. Very comprehensive! Great job Gaylon.

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