Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ohana Software/Family Insight Receives 2009 FamilySearch Software Awards

Awarded “Best Separator” and “Best Standardizer” in 2009 FamilySearch™ Software Awards

The Separate Function- “Best Separator”

This function is essential to users of the new FamilySearch™ system. You can now view large combined individuals by the event information that is associated with them. For example, All birth places are listed one on top of one another making it easy to identify the 10 records with a birth place in Spain, versus the 5 in Kansas, or the 42 in New York. Once users identify a group of records that don't belong, they can both separate them and recombined them into a second individual all at once. This especially helpful with large combined individuals that may include the records for 3 or more different individuals.
View the Separate Video Tutorial

Place Editor- “Best Standardizer”

FamilyInsight's Place Editor received a 2009 FamilySearch™ Software Award for the Best Standardizer. Users can find up to ALL instances of a place name and correct them at once. If a place name is unrecognized in FamilySearch™ family tree, FamilyInsight will use place name suggestions from FamilySearch™ to alert the user. As users edit place names, they have the option of using the FamilySearch™ place name suggestions or keeping their own alternate place name format. Without FamilyInsight's Place Name editor users have to fix each place name individually or try the PAF global search and replace, which as many know can mess up place names entirely. Furthermore, when syncing a file with nFS, FamilyInsight will make sure they have chosen a recognized place name, even if they choose to keep a unique place name format in their own file.
View the Edit Places Video Tutorial

Humble Beginnings

Ohana Software was started in 2002 when founder John Vilburn decided there must be a better way to do merges. Since then, John has continued to push forward finding the best ways to do genealogy. The release of PAF Insight, the predecessor to FamilyInsight, was received with insurmountable excitement because of the rate at which it accelerated both genealogy and temple work. It was the groundbreaking algorithm behind our well know IGI search that became the seed for Familyinsight's new FamilySearch™ Synchronizing function. As the first to implement syncing technology, we are excited about the work that we have been able to accomplish in fine tuning and perfecting our database search algorithm.
“It is one thing to have a simple search. It is another to have a correct and complete search.”
In order to accomplish speed along with accuracy, FamilyInsight is design to bring up quick and easy matches right away and then continue to do a powerful and comprehensive search with dozens of permutations to bring back the matches that would be lost with any other search.

What is FamilyInsight?

FamilyInsight is a program meant for those who enjoy using PAF and wish to continue using PAF. FamilyInsight provides all the essential functions that PAF users will need as they begin to interface with the new FamilySearch™ web site. Furthermore, FamilyInsight has multiple unique and powerful features. One of which if the ability to trim and export a database based on a root individual. The separate function alone is powerful enough to save hours of time.
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Familyinsight also works with GEDCOMs from other programs such as Legacy. It works for both Windows and Mac computers.

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