Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Miles Meyers' Family History Center Materials

It's been a while since I've mentioned Miles Meyers excellent job he is doing on creating Family History Center materials on his website. I just spotted this email that he posted on the FHCNET and LDSFHCConsultants Mailing lists and I thought I would pass it along. As always Miles has done and excellent job, keep up the good work. power point presentations available.

I have recently been asked to do some presentations on The first one was earlier this month to an Elder's Quorum fireside. The next one is coming up on July 11 and will be to the Southern Genealogical Exchange Society meeting.

The first presentation focuses on some of the scriptural reasons why we do family history as well as focusing on the materials that are being provided by FamilySearch on its various websites.

The second presentation is for the general public, explaining what FamilySearch is developing and what is currently available.

Both of these presentations are about 45 minutes in length and are in powerpoint format. They can be found at

Also, I just did a talk in Sacrament yesterday and have provided a copy of my talk on Independence Day and Family History on my blog for anyone who may be interested. That can be found at

Hope these are inspirational to my fellow FHC consultants.

Miles Meyer
Jacksonville, FL

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