Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Turkish version of dynastree is online

Hamburg, June 30, 2009 – Two years ago, the German version of dynastree was launched, and all major European languages have followed during the steady expansion. From now on, dynastree is also available in Turkish as, which is the first non-European language added to its wide range of languages. According to, Turkey ranks seventh (compared to the online audiences of European countries) with more than 17 million internet users (April 2009, internet cafes excluded). Social networks and media sites draw a lot of the Turkish users’ heavy engagement (which surpasses all other countries’ users in terms of the amount of time spent per capita), says Mike Read, managing director.

Furthermore, the community of Turkish immigrants and naturalized descendants of immigrants is very large in many parts of Europe (particularly in Germany, France, and the Benelux countries). Connecting with relatives in Turkey and around the world was thus never easier, akrabaonline allows for accessing over 90 million profiles. The translation of all components enables Turkish-speaking people to use all parts of dynastree in their own language, regardless of where they live.

Along with the deployment of akrabaonline, an important new feature is introduced: the extended search function. It is now possible to include details like place of birth, place of residence, year of birth, and several other items. This ensures more precise hits when searching for one’s relatives, especially with very common names, or if only certain details are known that could previously not be searched for.

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