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FamilySearch Indexing Update: Over 100 active projects from 29 countries and in 11 languages

The following is from FamilySearch.

4 June 2010
There are now over 100 current indexing projects from 29 countries and in 11 languages!
Thirty-four new indexing projects were started in just the past two months. They cover six different languages: Norwegian, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, and English. Eighteen of the new English projects are county marriages from various states in the U.S. Please help index one of the current projects if you do not see your preferred state(s). Additional states will be added as these projects are completed.
New Projects in the Past Month
(See the chart below for a complete list and current status of all indexing projects.)

Recently Completed Projects
(Note: Recently completed projects will be published in the near future.)
  • België—Burgerlijke Stand, 1851–1900 [Deel B]
  • Canada, New Brunswick—Births, 1810–1906
  • Deutschland, Mecklenburg—Volkszählung, 1890 [Div 39–69]
  • Jamaica—Civil Births, 1878–1899 [Part B]
  • Mexico, Jalisco—1930 Federal Censo
  • Mexico, Michoacan—1930 Federal Censo
  • Mexico, Nuevo Leon—1930 Federal Censo
  • Nicaragua, Managua—Registros Civiles, 1879–1984 [Parte 2A]
  • U.K., Cheshire—Parish Records, 1538–1850 [Part 2]
  • U.S., California, San Francisco—Mortuary Records, 1850–1917
  • U.S., District of Columbia—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Hawaii—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Indiana, Daviess County—Marriages, 1811–1959
  • U.S., Minnesota—1865 State Census
  • U.S., New Mexico—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., North Carolina—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., North Dakota—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Ohio—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Oklahoma—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Oregon—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Rhode Island—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., South Carolina—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., South Dakota—1945 State Census [Part B]
  • U.S., Texas—1910 Federal Census
  • U.S., Texas—WWII Draft Registration, 1942
  • U.S., Utah—1910 Federal Census
  • Украина, Киев—Метрические Книги, 1840–1842

Current FamilySearch Indexing Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion
Argentina, Balvanera—Registros Parroquiales, 1833–1934 [Parte B]Spanish28.00%
Argentina, Cordoba—Registros Parroquiales, 1722–1924 [Parte B]Spanish20.00%
Argentina, Santa Fe—Registros Parroquiales, 1634–1926 [Parte A]Spanish21.00%
Argentina, Santa Fe—Registros Parroquiales, 1634–1926 [Parte B]Spanish23.00%
Belgium, Antwerp—Foreigners Index, 1840–1930English94.00%
Brasil, Pernambuco, Recife—Registro Civil, 1900–1920Portuguese1.00%
Brasil, Rio de Janeiro—Matrimonios, 1900–1910 [Piloto]Portuguese34.00%
Canada, Ontario—Births, 1869–1912English(New)
Canada, Ontario—Deaths, 1933–1937English40.00%
Canada, Ontario—Marriages, 1869–1927 [Part A]English14.00%
Canada, Québec, Montreal—Régistres Paroissiaux, 1800–1900French26.00%
Česká republika, Litoměřice—Matriky, 1552-1905 [část 1]
(Tschechien, Litomerice—Kirchenbücher [Teil 1])
Chile, Concepción—Registros Civiles, 1885–1903 [Parte 2A]Spanish54.00%
Chile, Concepción—Registros Civiles, 1885–1903 [Parte 2B]Spanish9.00%
Colombia, Bucaramanga—Registros Parroquiales, 1649–1959Spanish6.00%
Colombia, Marinilla—Registros Parroquiales, 1815–1959Spanish35.00%
Deutschland, Baden, Achern—Kirchenbücher, 1810–1869 [Part C]German18.00%
Deutschland, Mecklenburg—Volkszählung, 1890 [Div 70–92]German(New)
España, Avila, Navalmoral—Registros Parroquiales, 1530–1935Spanish82.00%
España, Lugo—Registros Parroquiales, 1530–1930 [Parte 1]Spanish38.00%
España, Malaga—Registros Civiles, 1846–1870Spanish36.00%
France, Cherbourg—Registres Paroissiaux, 1802–1907French18.00%
France, Coutances—Registres Paroissiaux 1802–1907French17.00%
France, Coutances, Paroisses de la Manche, 1792–1906French90.00%
France, Paris—Registres Protestants, 1612–1906 [Partie D]French26.00%
France, Saint-Lo—Registres Paroissiaux, 1802–1907French56.00%
Guatemala, Guatemala—Registros Civiles, 1877–1900Spanish1.00%
Guatemala, Huehuetenango y San Marcos—Registros Civiles, 1877–1900Spanish69.00%
Italia, Napoli, Castellammare di Stabia—Atti di Morte, 1809–1936 [Parte B]Italian40.00%
Italy, Trento—Baptisms, 1784–1924 [Part 2A]Italian11.00%
Jamaica—Civil Births, 1900–1930 [Part A]English80.00%
Mexico, DF—Registros Parroquiales, 1855–1934 [Parte 4]Spanish32.00%
Mexico, Zacatecas—1930 Federal CensoSpanish(New)
New Zealand—Passenger Lists, 1871–1915English95.00%
Nicaragua, Managua—Registros Civiles, 1879–1984 [Parte 3A]Spanish67.00%
Norge —Tinglysningskort, 1640–1903Norwegian(New)
Perú, Lima—Registros Civiles, 1887–1921 [Parte A]Spanish20.00%
Portugal, Setúbal—Registros da Igreja, 1581–1910Portuguese10.00%
Russland, Sankt Petersburg—Kirchenbuchduplikat, 1833–1885German3.00%
South Africa, Cape Province—Church Records, 1660–1970Afrikaans, Dutch, English40.00%
Sverige, Södermanland—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]Swedish27.00%
Sverige, Uppsala—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]Swedish42.00%
Sverige, Örebro—Kyrkoböcker, till 1860 [Del 1]Swedish19.00%
U.K., Bristol—Non-Conformist Registers, Pre-1900 [Part A]English11.00%
U.K., Bristol—Parish Registers, 1837–1900 [Part C]English75.00%
U.K., Essex—Parish Registers, 1538–1900 [Part A]English6.00%
U.K., Isle of Man—Parish Registers, 1598–1850English/
Old English
U.K., Isle of Man—Parish Registers, 1800–1950English95.00%
U.K., Manchester—Parish Registers, 1813–1925 [Part A]English(New)
U.K., Warwickshire—Parish Registers, 1538–1900 [Part 2 Adv]English/
Old English
U.K., Warwickshire—Parish Registers, 1754–1900 [Part 1C]English50.00%
U.S., Alabama—County Marriages, 1809–1950 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Arkansas—County Marriages, 1837–1957 [VIII]English(New)
U.S., California—County Marriages, 1850–1952 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., District of Columbia—County Marriages, 1811–1950 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Hawaii—1920 Federal CensusEnglish92.00%
U.S., Idaho—County Marriages, 1864–1950English(New)
U.S., Illinois—County Marriages, 1810–1934 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Indiana, De Kalb County—Marriages, 1811–1959English16.00%
U.S., Indiana, Dearborn County—Marriages, 1811–1959English(New)
U.S., Indiana, Delaware County—Marriages, 1811–1959English39.00%
U.S., Iowa—1885 State CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., Iowa—County Marriages, 1838–1992 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Military—1920 Federal CensusEnglish93.00%
U.S., Minnesota—1905 State CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., Minnesota—County Marriages, 1860–1949 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., New Jersey—County Marriages, 1682–1956 [Part 1]English(New)
U.S., New York—1905 State Census [Part 2]English(New)
U.S., New York—1910 Federal CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., New York—Marriage Licenses, 1908–1938 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., New York—Marriages, 1908–1935 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., North Carolina—County Marriages, 1762–1959 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Oklahoma—County Marriages, 1891–1959 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Pennsylvania—1910 Federal CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., Puerto Rico—1920 Censo FederalSpanish3.00%
U.S., Puerto Rico—Nacimientos Civiles, 1836–1930 [Parte A]Spanish29.00%
U.S., Rhode Island—1885 State CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., Rhode Island—1935 State CensusEnglish75.00%
U.S., Tennessee—1910 Federal CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., Tennessee—County Marriages, 1790–1950 [Part B]English(New)
U.S., Tennessee, Carroll County—Marriages, 1881–1939English(New)
U.S., Texas—County Marriages, 1837–1977 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Utah—County Marriages, 1887–1966 [Part A]English(New)
U.S., Vermont—1910 Federal CensusEnglish(New)
U.S., Virginia—1910 Federal CensusEnglish(New)
Venezuela, Mérida—Registros Parroquiales, 1654–1992 [Parte 2]Spanish10.00%
Österreich, Wiener Meldezettel, 1890–1925German24.00%
Украина, Киев—Метрические книги русской православной церкви, 1843–1845 [Часть А]Russian(New)
(*Percentage refers to a specific portion of a larger project.)
Current FamilySearch Partner Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion
Australia, Victoria—Probate Records, 1853–1989English88%
België—Burgerlijke Stand, 1851–1900 [Deel D]Dutch(New)
Belgique—Registres Civile, 1851–1900 [Partie A]French25%
Canada, Ontario, Toronto—Trust Cemeteries, 1826–1935English14%
Deutschland, Westfalen, Minden—Volkszählung, 1880–1900German5%
España, Avila, Madrigal y Garganta—Registros Parroquiales, 1530–1935Spanish51%
France, Quimper et Leon, St. Louis—Registres Paroissiaux, 1722–1909French28%
Norway—1875 Census [Part B]Norwegian18%
Philippines, Lingayen, Dagupan—Registros Parroquiales, 1615–1982Spanish24%
U.K., Norfolk—Parish Registers, 1538–1900English1%
U.S., Ohio—Tax Records, Post 1825 [Part 3]English18%
U.S., Utah, Salt Lake County—Birth Registers, 1890–1908English50%
U.S., Utah, Salt Lake County—Death Registers, 1848–1940English32%
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