Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Just Made My Life Easier

I had to just share some of my new favorites from Google - GMail Priority Inbox & Nested Labels!

Priority Inbox basically lets you divide your inbox into sections Priority Items, Starred Items and General Email Items.  You "teach" GMail where to store these items when they come in.  Hopefully  things won't get so buried in my inbox now!.

To turn Priority Inbox on you need to go under Settings>Priority Inbox

Here's a video on Priority Inbox.

My next and most favorite thing from GMail is Nested Labels. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a picture.

Nested Label is found under the GMail Labs tab under Setting. Once you activate it all you have to do, to make a nested label, is create a new label with a name like Home/Family. It will write the path to the label and nest them for you. There is no limit as to how many degrees down you can go in nested labels.  Well, the limit is by character lengths in the string, but I don't know how many that is.

I am just so excited to play with this new feature. I've been subcategorizing ton's of things. I have even gone as far as importing my old Hotmail accounts into my GMail account since I can now categorize all the folders like I want to. I have been having a great time organizing all my emails by surnames and researchers. You can now have GMail labels mimic your filing system, it's GREAT!!!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another day!

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JL said...

I would be afraid my GMail account would start looking like my Google Reader account where there's over 700 unread posts and no matter how many I read it gets worse everyday. Better my mail is not nested or it would be lost forever. Or would that be a good thing?