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The Gift of Service

The following is from FamilySearch.

The Gift of Service

As a family history consultant, you have the chance to work with many people who could potentially serve as family history missionaries. Certainly, many of them would serve if they were aware of the needs and opportunities available to them. There are opportunities for all who are interested in family history missionary work. Those individuals with limited time or whose situation prevents them from serving full-time could work part-time from home or in local support offices alongside full-time family history missionaries.

Those who express interest should meet with their priesthood leaders to discuss the possibility of serving. If you wish to refer individuals directly to headquarters, please send their names, the names of the stakes that have their membership records, and their phone numbers or e-mail addresses to

Here is a partial list of current opportunities:

1.             FAMILY HISTORY AND CHURCH HISTORY DEPARTMENTS (Full-time missions serving in Salt Lake City)
Coordinator: Elder Robert Bertagna
Local: (801) 240-5892
Toll Free: (800) 453-3860 ext. 2-5892
This mission has two parts. On the family history side, some missionaries help patrons with their genealogical research. Other missionaries help with indexing and name processing for the temple. Other assignments may include answering phone inquiries and e-mail questions that come from family history centers and from individuals around the world.
On the Church history side, missionaries work in the Church History Library and the Church archives, doing historical research and summarizing journals and other records of historical interest.
Training programs are available to assist those missionaries who are less proficient and to upgrade the skill level of those who are more proficient. This assignment is also appropriate for members who live along the Wasatch Front (Utah) and could serve as live-at-home missionaries. Anyone with interest or skills in family and Church history work should apply.
2.             FAMILY HISTORY SUPPORT (Full-time or part-time, at home or abroad)
Coordinator: Karma Tomlinson Local: (801) 240-4546
Toll Free: (800) 453-3860 ext. 2-4546
Family history support missionaries use the Internet to provide support to family history consultants and others with family history callings. Family history support missionaries may teach leaders the principles of administering family history programs in stakes and wards and may help members and family history workers learn to use computer resources to do family history and provide ordinances for ancestors. These assignments require basic computer and family history skills. Some assignments require foreign language ability.
Current needs:
Australia, Brazil,** California, Colombia,* Dominican Republic,* Ecuador,* El Salvador,* Germany, Honduras,* Mexico,* Micronesia, Mongolia, Nicaragua,* Paraguay,* Philippines, Taiwani,*** South Africa.
*Spanish, **Portuguese, ***Mandarin
3.             FAMILY HISTORY RECORDS PRESERVATION (Full-time at home or abroad)
Coordinator: Karma Tomlinson Local: (801) 240-4546
Toll Free: (800) 453-3860 ext. 2-4546
Family history records preservation missionaries gather, organize, and record genealogical information using either microfilm or digital camera equipment. All missionaries receive comprehensive training related to their assignments and work directly with local priesthood leaders and Family History Department and Church History Department staff. In addition to family history work assignments, missionaries are encouraged to make themselves available to share the gospel with nonmembers, perform other types of service, and participate in missionary activities as directed by the mission president.
Current needs:
Belgium/Netherlands, Colombia, Dominican Republic,* Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Zealand, Texas, Washington DC.


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