Monday, December 20, 2010

The New LDSTech Web Site

The following is from LDSTech.

The New LDSTech web site will be launched on December 21st

For months we have been hard at work on a redesign of the LDSTech web site. The time for us to roll out the new site is finally here. On Tuesday (December 21st) we will push the new LDSTech web site live. Here is a list of some of the exciting features of this new site.
  1. LDS Acount integration with the LDSTech forums. No longer do you have to remember a separate username/password to access the forums. Now you can use your LDS Account username and password to login to our forum software.
  2. Imrpoved site navigation. The site has been designed to make it easier for people coming to the LDSTech web site to find the information that they need. If you are interested in helping out with projects, there is an easy 3 step process to follow to get involved.
  3. New "Talent Pool" seciton of the web site makes it easy to get involved with projects. From the Talent Pool, you can fill in your skills portfolio, find projects that match your skills, and sign up to help on projects.
There are several things that you should know before we launch the new site.
  1. Warning Forum Users: Because the forum will now use LDSAccount, you need to migrate your forum username to your LDS Account username. This MUST be done before we roll the new site live if you desire to link all of your forum posts to your LDS Account username. To migrate your forum username with your LDS Account username, please visit the LDSTech Forum Account Migration page to migrate your account.
  2. Starting Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM MST, the site will be down while we update the site and perform the necessary forum migration. We expect the outage to be no more than 2 to 3 hours.
  3. Once we have launched the site, please let us know if you have any issues or problems. Send email with your comments.
Thank you for your patience and support through this transition process.

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