Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Addition to Bob's Family History Materials

The following is from LDSFHConsultants Mailing List.

Bob's Family History Materials
New Power Point – Converting Your Slides to Digital Images

Bob's Ward Family History Progress Chart - a Spreadsheet Program
With a cumulative Quarterly Report 
Designed so Family History Consultants can track Family History progress within the ward and then make a simple report for the HPGL and the bishop.
You can add and delete family names as they move in and out of the ward and add and remove notes You will be able to actually measure Family History Progress in your ward and see
What has happened and What still needs to happen!
Without some kind of report, it is impossible for the HPGL to fulfill his calling

Indexing Flyer
This will provide information & inspiration to your ward members so they will want to try Indexing

Bob's Overview of Family History and how to use the Progress Chart
Bob's Duties of High Council Adviser over Family History 
Bob's Duties of Bishop for Family History 
Bob's Duties of High Priests Group Leader 
Bob's Duties of Family History Consultants 
Bob's How to Increase Family History work in your Ward 
Just Cuz! - (A fun project for Youth and Adults – find your living family)
Bob's Overview of Member's Guide to Temple & Family History
(Designed to be used as a fifth Sunday presentation) 

Bob's Bare-Bones Action Check List 
On Line Ward Photo Book 
A Suggested Project for YM & YW– help your ward!
Gary and Bob's Guide to teach Members New FamilySearch
For FH Centers - Tracking Staff Training Spreadsheet

Items needed by HPGLs for first meeting with new Consultants

To request a copy of any of these programs email

"These programs are NOT produced by Family Search or the LDS Family History Department" 

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