Thursday, July 07, 2011

Update to "How To Use New FamilySearch Correctly"

The following is from George Scott, author of "How to Use New FamilySearch Correctly".

Dear Friend:

I recently posted an update to my manual "How To Use New FamilySearch Correctly" at my website,

The updated manual is now available for free download.  This was a major update, as it is the first update in 17 months, so a large portion of the manual has been modified to reflect the many changes which have occurred in New FamilySearch.  So I suggest you will likely want to print the entire manual.

The manual is 81 pages in length, including 3 un-numbered pages at the beginning.  This is about 7 pages longer than the previous version.  Changes include the Watch feature, the termination of Disputes, the new Discussions feature, the rollout to the general public, and many smaller issues.  I also updated the chapter on future changes to New FamilySearch and the chapter on third-party (Affiliate) software programs.

Since many nFS patrons have inkjet printers, it might be cheaper to get a copy from Stevenson's Genealogy Center in Provo.  Stevenson's sells the manual in a spiral binder for $4.25.  Their phone number is 1-800-374-9600, extension 2.  I don't receive any proceeds; that is their photocopying expense.

I greatly apologize for the delay in this update.  I was providing 24/7 care to my wife for 9 months.  Shortly after she deceased, mom suffered a massive stroke, so I took care of her for 5 months until another family member recently took over.  Again, I apologize for the delay and promise to keep the manual better updated in the future.  (In the future, I will identify the pages that have been updated; I didn't do so for this update, since so much was changed.)

I promised to make a video tutorial based on the manual.  I also have to apologize for the huge delay on that project.  I am working on it once again and hope to have the first segments available on the website in September 2011.  It will also be available for free download.  

Again, I am very, very sorry for the delays.

I hope the manual has been helpful to you.  I have received a great amount of positive feedback.  There are currently over 50,000 copies of the manual in use.

Best wishes,

George W. Scott
Orem, Utah

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