Friday, August 17, 2012

UGA's Fall Conference

The following is from the Utah Genealogical Association (UGA).

UGA Fall Conference 2012 September 21-22

Come Climb Your Family Tree
Bring your family to explore your roots: the Utah Genealogical Association Fall 2012 Conference will be a new kind of event for teens and adults.  Classes, vendors, and activities will involve all experience and interest levels.  Activities will be available for children or grandchildren of conference participants (accompanied by participant)  from 1:00PM until 4:00PM Saturday.

This fall we've focused on a family-friendly conference to enhance the record numbers this year with teenage involvement at the Riverton FamilySearch Center, the Family History Library, and in indexing the 1940 census.  There are two hours of classes Friday evening on the latest technology and getting started as a beginner that are perfect for genealogists and people just getting started.  With a fresh schedule and vendor's activity booths, this will be different than any genealogy conference you've ever seen or attended.
Lunches will be available for pre-order on both Friday and Saturday.  Pizza, drinks, and snacks will be available to purchase Friday evening.

The conference will be held at the Sandy Campus (Larry H. Miller) of Salt Lake Community College near the 10600 South off ramp of I-15.

Special pricing is available for individuals, families, and also partial (one-day) registration.  There is a FREE Family History Consultant track.  

Limited seating is available so register NOW to attend this exciting conference.


Volunteer Opportunities Are Available
A limited number of free registrations are available for those who volunteer to assist with the conference.  If you are interested, please click HERE.


Friday Morning - 
Robert Raymond - Miracles and Serendipity in Genealogy
Saturday Morning -
Panel Presentation - The Cool Parts of Family History:  Kids Having Fun!!

Conference Schedule

Class Tracks:
Classes are offered as part of ten tracks as listed.  You may attend all classes in a given track or jump between tracks to attend the class of your choice.  No class registration is required to attend a class - your conference registration is sufficient.
 1.  Family History Consultants
 2.  General Research
 3.  Technology
 4.  Family, Oral and Personal Histories
 5.  Miscellaneous Records Research
 6.  Worldwide Research
 7.  Social Networking / Digital Tools / Software
 8.  Vendor Lab 1
 9.  Vendor Lab 2
10. Vendor Lab 3

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