Tuesday, October 09, 2012

FamilySearch Indexing: Insider's Update

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Insider's Update - September/October   
Lights! Camera! Action! That's right, we're having a video contest. Here's your chance to say "Thanks!" to other indexers who have helped you find your ancestors. See the article below for details!
And, check out what's going on with the indexing community around the world!


Indexing: A Worldwide Community

Expanding the focus to a wider selection of indexing projects and languages.

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The Search for an Ancestor

Why immigration and naturalization records matter.

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Meet the Camera Man

An inside look at how the historical documents are being digitally captured.

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The Honeymoon May be Over, but the Indexing Goes On

Indexing didn’t end with the completion of the 1940 US Census

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Training Tip

Helpful Reminders for FamilySearch Indexers and Arbitrators

A friendly reminder for helpful resources.

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Video Contest

Video Contest: Genealogists say "Thanks"

We want to hear from you. Express your thanksto FamilySearch indexers!

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A Word From Our Volunteers

"As I index and type each name I feel so privileged to think that I am in some small way helping someone to trace their family - and the joy that they will find in getting to know their ancestors”
~ Angela ~

"I love indexing! Now instead of feeling guilty when I sit down to watch TV in the evenings, I have my laptop open to an indexing project. What a joy it is to know I am contributing to a great work! I am so grateful for this opportunity – it will be a lifelong passion."
~ Cathy ~

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