Monday, March 18, 2013

Companion Workbook Now Available for Zap the Grandma Gap

The following is from Family ChartMasters.

Most parents and grandparents would do anything and everything to raise the youth in their family to be successful adults. There are play groups and preschool lessons, music and dance, sports, tutoring and youth groups, the right schools, the right nutrition, etc.etc.  However, many people miss one of the most basic and foundational things that can set a child up for success in life—teaching their child about their family’s history. 
To help, Family ChartMasters has published another unique resource that looks at family history in an engaging and youthful way so that anyone can easily engage the youth in their family with their history.  In conjunction with her corresponding lectures at the RootsTech conference this week, Janet Hovorka has written the new  Zap the Grandma Gap Power Up Workbook: The Particulars About How To Connect With Your Family by Connecting Them To Their Family History, a hands-on book with step by step instructions, procedures, templates and resources that will help teach the next generation to love their heritage.  In the fill-in-the-blank book you will find:
  • ·         Brainstorming activities to spark ideas
  • ·         Suggestions for travel
  • ·         Checklists and invitations for parties
  • ·         Outlines for children’s books and activity books
  • ·         Templates for games
  • ·         Designs for recipe cards and ornaments
  • ·         Surveys of the best websites
  • ·         Ideas for incentives
  • ·         Lists of interview questions
  • ·         And instructions and templates for many other activities
This book discusses many ways to combine a family’s specific heritage with the specific interests of their particular youth.
The workbook is a companion to the book Zap the Grandma Gap: Connect With Your Family by Connecting Them To Their Family History.  This new book has already inspired families throughout the world about the importance of family history in connecting today’s families.  In it parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can learn:
  • ·         How to prepare for further curiosity by infusing their surroundings with their history.
  • ·         Why plugging into the net is the easiest way to plug their family into their past
  • ·         How to utilize your talents to teach their family about their history
  • ·         Why discovering the surrounding history together makes their progenitors come alive.
  • ·         How to pull their posterity close by carefully creating and recording today’s history.
  • ·         Why it is important to simplify their family’s story their family can appreciate the past.
Author Janet Hovorka comes from a family that practices the principles found in this book.  As a librarian, she helped people at the BYU library with their family history research but was completely uninterested in her own. Janet inherited a large amount of genealogy from her mother and grandmother, both wonderful genealogists who lived family history in a way that was attractive and inviting.  Eventually Janet woke up to the soul satisfaction of learning about her past.  Most recently she has found great joy in encouraging her teenage children's genealogical interests. Janet has returned this last month from speaking at the Who Do You Think You Are Conference in London, and the North Florida Genealogy Conference where she gave several lectures about engaging the next generation with their family history.  Among other topics, she will be speaking this weekend at the RootsTech conference on “The Cool Parts of Genealogy: Engaging My Teenagers Case Study.”  Understanding the good and the bad in their own family history can help anyone deal with their family members and their lives in a more healthy way. 

Zap the Grandma Gap Power Up Workbook: The Particulars About How To Connect With Your Family by Connecting Them To Their Family History by Janet Hovorka is available now at, at bookstores and by calling 801-872-4278.  A 24 page excerpt of the workbook and a 28 page excerpt of the book are available for free on the website along with downloads of other supporting materials.  Sign up on the homepage for a free 52 week e-newsletter with even more ideas on how to engage the next generation with their family history.

About the Author:  Janet Hovorka received a B.A. in Ancient Near Eastern History and a Master's degree in Library and Information Science from BYU.  She and her husband Kim Hovorka own Family ChartMasters ( —official, award winning printers for most of the genealogy software and database companies.  She is currently serving as President of the Utah Genealogical Association and teaches courses in library skills and genealogy at Salt Lake Community College.  Janet writes the The Chart Chick blog (, has written for numerous genealogy publications, and has presented 100s of lectures all over the world to help people learn more about their past. 

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