Wednesday, March 12, 2014 What's New for 2014

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What's New in 2014
New Search Technology
Family Relationship Searching

A new site search engine was introduced in January which features a completely new way of searching. Family Relationship Searchingincludes an option to search for a person without ever entering their name! You can use close family members in addition to places to locate that elusive ancestor. Improvements in prioritizing your results also mean that you will see more relevant hits at the top of the Search Results list so you don't have to wade through pages of unrelated hits. Go to the Search menu tab on the site and choose Advanced Search from the drop down menu or click the link below to go right to it.

New Equipment Upgrades -
Our new equipment now makes your "Search Results" display in a fraction of the time than previously. Less time waiting means more time searching!

2013 In Review
Family Map - 
Imagine being able to see in an instant a map of all the places listed in your family tree. You can now do exactly that with our new feature, the Family Map. This helps you keep track of migration patterns and easily see if there are mistakes in the information. To display your Family Map, log on to MyTrees Online under the My Family Tree menu tab, and then click on any surname in the pedigree chart. The "Family Map" feature is part of the family editing options.

Family Timeline
You can now see an overview of your ancestor's life at a glance with the addition of a new feature, the Family Timeline. This helps you to not only recognize what information you have added for individuals, but also where you are missing data. To display your Timeline, log on to MyTrees Online through the My Family Tree tab. Open your family tree and click on any surname. You'll find the "Family Timeline" feature under the family editing options.

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