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LDSTech Conference Recap and Broadcast Links

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LDSTech Newsletter

Recap of the LDSTech Conference

The feedback from the LDSTech Conference, held October 16-17 in Salt Lake City, has been so positive!  We appreciate all that made the effort to attend and make the event a success.

Recorded sessions from the conference will be available on the site at as they become available. Go to 
2014 LDSTech Conference Recorded Sessions to find them.
You can read more about the winning apps and games from the App and Game contest below, but over the next several weeks, the front page of the site will include highlights of the winning entries.  

Church News Coverage of the LDSTech Conference
October 25, 2014’s edition of the Church News contained two articles on the 2014 LDSTech Conference. One was about the conference and listed the winners of the Gospel Game and App Contest ( and the other is about a conference session on seven tools for strengthening youth (

Winners Announced for the App & Game Contest 

Thursday, October 16, 2014, the winners of the Gospel Games and App Contest were announced by Blaine Maxfield, CIO of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the LDSTech Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Almost all of the contest entrants are now, or will be, available in the various app stores, and the URLs are at

Developers from the United States and several other countries submitted games and apps for the contest. A total of 80 potential entrants were submitted, many in the final hours of the deadline day (Oct. 10). Most were for Android platform, several were for iOS and a few were windows based.
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Birds of a Feather & Idea Sharing @ the Conference

A new activity for this year's conference was the ‘Birds of a Feather’ session. This was a technology networking session held Thursday afternoon. Various groups (such as Android, iOS, Windows 8 & 10, a Feature Phone group, and Stake/District/Assistant Area Technology Specialists) gathered to discuss ideas and questions about their area with a moderator or discussion leader. One such leader was Tim Riker, who led the Android workshop.

Facebook Likes
LDSTech recently made a small splash on Facebook. At the end of September LDSTech recorded a new high spot. Alan Smoot, manager of the LDSTech team, announced LDSTech recorded 525 ‘Likes’ and 126 mentions or re-posts, and it's still growing.
We appreciate the attention. It was just in time for our LDSTech Conference (October 16 and 17, at the University of Utah’s Institute of Religion building). Good timing!
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Seeking Senior Technology Missionaries

Many members dream of someday serving a full-time mission after they retire, but most people don’t know that there are actually opportunities to serve as full-time technology missionaries (called “area technology specialists”). We currently have openings in some very exciting areas. 

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Watch Recorded 2014 LDSTech Broadcasts 

DateStreamPresenter & Topic
2014—JUL –11
2014 – JUN – 06
Jesh Barlow – FamilySearch Mobile Apps
Mike Madsen – Youth Activity Pages on
2014 – MAY – 02Michael Colemere – Four Elements of Successful Communication Strategies
2014 – MAR – 14Mel Broberg – Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL)
2014 – FEB – 07Jim Byer – Windows 8 Gospel Library
2014 – JAN – 10Hal Rushton – Gospel Content on the Feature Phone

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