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My Family History Calling

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My Family History Calling Newsletter
October 2014

News you need to succeed--for priesthood leaders, consultants, and center directors.

Your Family History Calling: It's As Easy As "1, 2, 3. Find a Name, Take It to the Temple, and Teach a Friend"
I fondly remember as a young boy my mother saying, "It's a simple as 1, 2, 3!" In a very complex life it is easy to feel that things are indeed overly complicated. But when it comes to your family history calling, it's as easy as find, take, and teach. Continue reading.

New Audio File Feature Helps You Teach Others About Their Ancestors

F Elder Anderson's temple challenge a family history miracle
Elder Andersen's Youth Temple Challenge Helps Find Hidden Branches-A Family History Miracle
When it comes to family history work, two of the most common reasons given of why people don't do it are, "It's not for me," and "I don't know where to start." For Amanda Phillips, 23, California, she had another excuse. She had no idea where her real roots lie.

What's New on to Help You Find a Name, Take It to the Temple, and Teach a Friend

Easily Find Temple Names for Members with Full Trees
Do you help ward members with full trees who think all their family history is done? Want to teach them how to quickly find family names for the temple? Watch our new 5-minute video and learn how to use Descendancy View to find your missing cousins on indexed records, add them to the tree, take them to the temple, then teach others to do the same.

Find, Take, and Teach to be Featured at Family Discovery Day for Church Members and Families
LDS families and members are invited to attend Family Discovery Day at RootsTech on Saturday, February 14, 2015. This one-day event includes devotionals with Church leaders, a closing event with cast of Studio C, interactive activities, and entertainment to help members discover and connect with families across generations and provide them with the blessings of the temple. This amazing event fills up fast, so be sure to spread the word. Click here for more information.

¿QuĂ© dice? Reading Spanish Handwriting Helps Find Records
Researching in Latin America can be fun and challenging for those who Spanish, but for those who don't speak or read Spanish, language may be a big obstacle. Read about the several resources you can use to help you read and understand the records.

Teach Yourself and Others: New Online Training Now Available-November
Several new classes have been added to theFamilySearch Learning CenterSee what these new classes include.

Indexing Increases Interest in Family History and Helps Members Find Names to Take to the Temple
Priesthood leaders, family history center directors, and ward family history consultants share a common challenge: how to motivate Church members to accept and act on their divinely appointed responsibility to seek out their ancestors and submit their names for temple ordinances. Here is one way to start.

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