Thursday, November 12, 2015

The 1939 Register is here!

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The 1939 Register is now available online!
The 1939 Register is now available to search online for the very first time, only on Findmypast.
In the most comprehensive survey ever taken of the civil population of England and Wales, it contains the personal details of 41 million people, captured on a single day on the #eveofwar, in September 1939.
Also don’t miss our getting started guide and our Eve of War, video, presented by Andrew Marr.
Search the 1939 Register
Watch our getting started guide:
Eve of War, presented by Andrew Marr
"This fascinating resource allows us to discover our past and that of our families in ways never before possible"
Andrew Marr, Writer & Broadcaster.
What you'll get:
What will each household cost?
  • Records are $10.95 per household, $37.95 for 5 households ($7.59 each) or $82.95 ($5.53 each) in our best value 15 household package
  • With your exclusive 25% discount, you’ll get the 5 household bundle for $28.46 ($5.69 each)

  • Follow these steps to discover your world on the eve of war:
    1939 Search for your relatives or home in the 1939 Register
    1939 Unlock your selected household. 
    1939 Discover the names, occupations, addresses, dates of birth of your relatives, and more

    Search the 1939 Register

    We hope you enjoy exploring the 1939 Register,
    The 1939 Register team at Findmypast

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