Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pioneer Day - Early LDS Doc Online

I saw the following posting by Tom Kemp on the Gen-Newbie Rootsweb Forum

Pioneer Day - Early LDS Doc Online

Digging on the Internet I am always surprised by the value of what you can find. More and more digital copies of original documents are going up every day.

I found this timely item: *Mormon Petition to U.S. Congress for Relief from
Persecutions* - written in 1840. It is a detailed chronicle of the murders, attacks, home burnings and the like that were endured in the 1830s.

With Pioneer Day coming up on July 24th I have put a digital copy of this document up at:

Anyone may download and keep this document for their personal use. The document is an 1840 U.S. Congressional report containing the "petition" of Elias Higbee and Robert B. Thompson of Nauvoo, IL. At a church conference in October 1840 Higbee and Thompson were tasked with writing this report which they did in the form of a petition or memorial to Congress requesting help to end the persecution and obtain protection. It was written 28 November 1840 and officially accepted by Congress the following month. No action was taken by Congress on this petition but it remains a forceful, detailed record of the painful events of those early years.

This document is posted by permission of

Download it and read it.



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If you are interested in other Mormon information for the MO time period try this link.


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Renee Zamora said...

Thanks so much for this added information. It is always interesting to see what both sides where reporting at the time.