Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confidence In NFS Roll-out Beginning

For several months New FamilySearch's roll-out was delayed. Since then we have seen several weeks of steady roll-out of NFS to new temple districts. Now that confidence in the roll-out is being felt FamilySearch has just officially notified seven temple districts of the dates they are going live.
  • Curitiba Brazil - June 2
  • Accra Ghana - June 3
  • São Paulo Brazil - June 3
  • Veracruz México - June 3
  • Nashville, TN - June 10
  • San Jose, Costa Rica - June 10
  • Madrid, Spain - June 10
Two temple districts recently received word they are in the pipeline for roll-out, with an anticipated going live date of early September.
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
I have updated my New FamilySearch Roll-out spreadsheet with this information. Keep up the good work FamilySearch!


Hatton Cousin - Roger said...

One question... Why do you post these release dates when the dates should be kept confidential.

Renee Zamora said...

Because FamilySearch is giving them to me to make the announcements. I am on their media list.