Friday, May 16, 2008

Temples Now Live with NFS

FamilySearch has been busy with the roll-out going well and moving forward. I have updated my New FamilySearch Roll-out spreadsheet. There are now 41 temples live with NFS. In case you have missed some of the announcements, here is a list of recent temple districts to go live.

April 8
Bismarck ND
Monterrey Mexico

April 15
Oaxaca Mexico
Toronto Canada

April 22
Dallas TX
Melbourne Australia
Perth Australia

April 29
Bern Switzerland

May 6
Adelaide Australia
Brisbane Australia
Campinas Brazil
Sydney Australia

May 13
Houston TX
Lubbock TX
Porto Alegre Brazil

Temples announced for May 20th release are:

Bogota Columbia
Chicago IL
Halifax Nova Scotia
Manhattan NY

Nothing has been announced beyond the 20th.

A couple of temples received word that they will go live in either 4 months or 90 days.

Edmonton Alberta - live in about 90 days.
Palmyra New York - live in 4 months
Columbia SC - live in 4 months

Of course dates are subject to change, but all things seem to be rolling nicely along. Lets just hope it stays that way!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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