Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New FamilySearch Roll-out Continues

I have been corresponding with my source at FamilySearch about the roll-out. Thought you might like a peek at what is happening.

Here's an update on some temple districts. Since I can't remember what I've given you I might have some repetition.

Temples that are now live on new FamilySearch

Nashville – June 10
Madrid Spain - June 10
San Jose Costa Rica - June 10
Ciudad Juárez México (El Paso Stakes) – June 17
Hermosillo Sonora Mexico - June 17
Birmingham – June 24
Raleigh – June 24

Temples with announced dates

Newport Beach - July 8
Redlands - July 8
Johannesburg South Africa - July 8
Caracas Venezuela - July 8
Santiago Chile - July 8

I asked if all the temples that had been placed on hold now had an official roll-out date. Here is their response.
In North America, the only districts with an official date are Redlands and Newport Beach. There are nineteen other districts in NA that have begun their preparation periods and have received notices indicating that their temple districts could go live in the next 90-120 days. These nineteen are:

Columbia SC
Columbia River
St Paul
Washington DC
Oklahoma City

The remaining NA temples in Utah, Idaho, and Las Vegas are still on hold. I don't have all of the data for the other international temples since my focus is on the NA districts.
We are hitting some milestones right now. Of the 127 temple districts that I currently know of operating 56 are now live, 34 are announced and we have only 37 temple district unannounced right now. With the recent announcements all the United States temple districts are either live or announced EXCEPT the Wasatch Front which are the temples in Idaho and Utah. Those of course have been rumored to be last. The Wasatch Front accounts for 14 of the unannounced temples districts. The next big chuck of unannounced temples are in Asia & Middle East and the Pacific Islands areas.

Given that news; tomorrow will probably give us another round of temple district receiving word. I have updated this information on my New FamilySearch Roll-out spreadsheet. I wonder what temple districts will go next?

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Miriam said...

Even though I'm not LDS, I've been excited to hear that the Spokane temple district will soon be going live. I think that this will be bringing in more users to the Family History Centers in the area; it'll be more like the pre-Internet days, when the FHCs were busy hives of activity!

Paula N. said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the Columbia River Temple to go live! That's less than 5 miles from me so it will be wonderful!!

Bampa & Mimi Moss said...

Just an oversite but for those who were confused as I was at first, I believe you meant "EXCEPT" as opposed to "accept". I know you meant that! :)

Renee Zamora said...

Thanks so much for catching that! Fixed. I've always said I need a proof-reader. To bad I don't get paid for doing this so I could hire one. hehe