Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Of Sleuthing

Come to the Family History Library and Take the ‘Summer Of Sleuthing’ Challenge

SOS! If you need help keeping your kids occupied this summer, if you would like to learn more about your family, or if you just need a kick start to get you organizing your family records, come take the Family History Library’s ‘Summer Of Sleuthing’ Challenge. Over a six-week period you can complete challenges that will teach you and your whole family how family history can be fun, informative, and rewarding. There will be challenges for all ages with easy tasks to accomplish each week at the library or at home. To assist you, special classes and help will be available at the library throughout the Challenge.

The SOS Challenge will begin with a kick-off event on Saturday June 28th and end with an awards ceremony on Saturday August 9th with Don Anderson, director of the combined Family History Library and World-wide Support Divisions of the Family History Department, giving out the awards.

The kick-off event on June 28th will last one hour and will be repeated every hour from 10:00 am through 7:00 pm. To register for this free event, send an email to or call 801-240-4950.

To view and print the event poster, go online to and click on the link for ‘Family History Library: Research Series and Special Events.’

Come with your family to learn and have fun!

Summer of Sleuthing Challenge

The Summer of Sleuthing Challenge is for everyone who wishes to participate.

There are challenges for each age group: children, youth, and adults. And there are several challenges to choose from in each age group.

Over the six-week period, children and youth will accomplish one or more challenges each week and must complete a minimum of six challenges to earn their Summer of Sleuthing award. Participation in the Summer of Sleuthing Challenge can help children and youth earn Scouting and YW awards.

Adults will complete one or more challenges which they will work on over the six-week period.

Most challenges come with guidelines and helps.

Sample challenges:

Children and Youth:
  1. Interview an older family member and write a brief story about their life.
  2. Go to the Family History Library, explore the “Especially For Youth” pages on the library computer desktop, and write about what you found interesting.
  3. Create a presentation about yourself or your family.
  4. Go to a cemetery and help clean an area. If you have family buried in the cemetery, write down the information from their gravestones.
  5. Help improve access to records by signing up for and doing at least five hours of FamilySearch Indexing (
  6. Look for a relative in records such as census or death records.
  7. And many more.
  1. Write your life story.
  2. Create a heritage scrapbook.
  3. Do descendancy research on the family of one of your ancestors.
  4. And more.
Everyone who participates will keep a journal of their activities and experiences.

Come join with the ‘Sleuthing’ family and take the Summer of Sleuthing Challenge!


Bernard said...

This sounds like such fun! Is this only available to those in the SLC area?

Renee Zamora said...

I understand that if you email and request the handouts and information, to be used in your local wards or branches, they will send out a package of what you would of had here in Salt Lake.