Thursday, September 25, 2008

FamilyInsight in Open Beta

Renee's Note: I found this posting on the PAFInsight Mailing List today.

FamilyInsight Beta version 2008.9.24 is now on the available at
This is a BETA version so there are a few problems. Please save a copy of your file before you start to use the FamilyInsight Beta.

In order to use the "Sync with FamilySearch family tree" mode, you must be able to sign in to,

If you cannot sign in to you can still use the IGI Search mode in either FamilyInsight or PAF Insight.

FamilyInsight will run with a FamilyInsight License or a PAF Insight license or Update license that has time remaining on the update time period.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Renee!
I enjoy reading your Blog. I am using PAF and wonder what PAF Insight and Family Insight can do for me.

Thank you, LaVerne