Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New FamilySearch Update

My source from FamilySearch updated me yesterday on the recent temples that have gone live with new FamilySearch or received an official date for going live.

Sister Zamora,

Here is the latest:

Atlanta, Columbia River, Louisville, and St Paul went live today. Regina Saskatchewan, Seattle, and Washington DC were officially announced for September 23.


The status now of our 128 Temple Districts are 90 Live, 14 announced, 24 unannounced. Of those 24 there are 15 in UT, ID yet to receive word. The Las Vegas, NV temple has been on hold indefinitely and it is rumored that it will go live at the same time as the UT and ID temples. A date is still to be announced amongst them. That gives us 9 temple districts around the world that we are waiting to hear word on their status. Those nine are:

Mexico City, Mexico (currently under renovations)
Cochabarnba, Bolivia
Aba, Nigeria
Tokyo, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong, China
Hamilton, New Zealand

I just have to mention a rumor that is going around concerning when the Utah, Idaho temple districts will go live. I've heard two. One is next August, 2009 and the other is as long as 18 months from now. Heavens no, that can't happen! I heard that Salt Lake wasn't pleased with that projection either and said it was totally unacceptable. So, it might be a long time that we wait for word of the Wasatch front going live with new FamilySearch. Now wouldn't it be wonderful if those rumors are proven totally wrong! Of course my source at FamilySearch won't confirm those rumors so I don't know how valid they are. Time will tell, time will tell.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


BobG said...

I use to think the rollout of Utah depended on the other temples being brought online first. Though that appears to be true there is the need for some other things to happen first. The biggest is the change to the new operation system of the site where the work of creating the web page you see is transferred to your browser rather than the server as it is now. That will drastically speed up the operation of the site while at the same time cut the bandwidth needed to provide the information. The another change I think they will need to address before Utah and Idaho can come on are things like the current 85 individuals to a folder limit. Most of us with LDS heritage can not make many changes any more because combining is almost a non-issue for LDS lines as all the people are over the 85 limit.
In any case this is my opinion - changes to the system will preceed the bringing online of Utah and Idaho.

Sherri said...

Thanks for the great information!

Doyle McIntosh said...

A source at the Portland Temple said that they are going live on October 7. I've also heard that date from a Stake Priesthood leader.