Thursday, September 18, 2008 Coming in the Fall

I was so excited to received an email from Barry J. Ewell announcing a free genealogy website he is creating. I first sat in on one of Barry's presentations at Education Week 2007. He was practically the only speaker there on genealogy so I attended every one of his classes.

As each new day came, for another group of classes, I had to arrive earlier and earlier so I could even get a seat into his classes for the day. It appears everyone told someone, and they told someone, and they told someone, etc. about this new great genealogy lecturer. He had loads of materials and what more, if you would send him your email address he would give you 150 pages or more of the materials he also had on the subject.

Barry wasn't into making money from helping people with their genealogy. He freely shared his research on a variety of genealogy how-to topics with others. He won my heart over at once. I'm sure it has been an overwhelming thing for him to keep up with the demands of sending these genealogy research papers to everyone that attends his classes. This new website he has created sounds like the perfect match.

Here is a copy of the email he just sent out.
Over the last couple years, I have met genealogists world-wide through conference presentations, genealogy research, and common interest to help one another in our search for ancestors. The focus of this email is simply to let you know that a new and exciting genealogy website will launch in the fall of 2008.

What is is a world-class website designed to provide genealogists with how-to resources. has been two years in the planning and development. You’ll find hundreds of knowledge-based articles, podcasts, and videos to help genealogists with their research.

What am I asking of you?

1. Please register with email to receive the announcement when my launches. In addition you will be given free access to free premium content.

2. Please share the news that is coming with others you think will have an interest.

Kindest regards,

Barry J. Ewell

I hurriedly went to this new website to check out what he might have already put there. I found a little intro about the site, the header says "Sharing Information to Join Generations". It also has a sampling of the topics he will cover there. In the upper right hand side there is a box to type in your email address so you can be notified when the site is officially launched.

After filling in your email address this message comes up.
Thank you for your interest in We'll notify you prior to launching our site.

When launches, you will find a resource that is designed to help you understand the how-to's of genealogy research. While we put the finishing touches on MyGenShare, we would like to know a little more about you and your needs as a genealogist. Click on the button to take a 5-7 minute survey. All answers are anonymous.

Upon completion of the survey, I will send you a 150-page article entitled "How to Effectively Work with Libraries and Historical Societies."
I always marveled over how he can refer to his materials as 150-page articles. That's actually the size of many one subject genealogy books. Didn't I tell you he was generous. Take him up on his offer. I just can't praise him enough and I so look forward to what his site will offer. I think we could all use a little Barry Ewell in our lives. Genealogy is not always easy and technology over-whelms many. It will be great to have a website willing to spread the knowledge and how-to's freely around.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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