Friday, September 19, 2008

RootsMagic 4 to Sync with New FamilySearch

I was just wrapping up reading my emails and blog feeds for the night when I came across this one I just have to share. The RootsMagic Blog has featured it's sync capabilities with new FamilySearch in it's article today: RootsMagic 4 Unwrapped - New FamilySearch. It has wonderful screen captures of what the interface looks like.

One of the blessing of living in Utah Valley is that I can attend the Utah Valley PAF Users Group meetings. Bruce Buzbee, the developer of RootsMagic is a member and regularly teaches a RootsMagic breakout class there. So, I've been really fortunate to see some previews of how RootsMagic 4 will sync with new FamilySearch.

Bruce has a real knack for giving you uncluttered screens that hold lots of information. He is a programmer that understands the way a genealogist thinks. He also likes to know, given the screen you are on, what would you do next. It's that thought process coupled with the complexidy of new FamilySearch that is going to put this API that interfaces with NFS above the competition. Clean, simplified screens that gives a lot of information. Intuitive and sequential in it processes.

The only problem I think Bruce and RootsMagic is going to run into is the fact they are not New FamilySearch certified yet. Their competitor Ancestral Quest has already become certified. Will people in their rush to get any product that will sync with NFS just go ahead and buy AQ? I am sure there are some that will because AQ is not a bad product. AQ has the jump on the market right now, why is RootsMagic not certified? They have been working with FamilySearch on the API just as long as AQ has. (As well as FamilyInsight and Legacy too I might mention.)

Well I can tell you why they are not certified, it's because RootsMagic 4 isn't quit ready to be release yet. If the program was out then it would be certified by now. Naturally if you certify it and have FamilySearch announce it's certification you would want to go out and buy the program right then. Well it's not ready yet so we just have to be patient. Like the saying goes "Haste makes waste".

One thing that RootsMagic 4 interface with NFS has that Ancestral Quest doesn't is FamilySearch Central. (I am stealing an image of it from the blog.) FamilySearch Central is the beating heart that an API needs for anyone using NFS. It's the guiding light to tell you what work you still need to do. I like having an active snapshot of where my database stands against what NFS has.

Click on the image to enlarge. If that doesn't work try the same thing on the RootsMagic blog image.

The word is RootsMagic 4 will be available by the end of the year. Of course, the new FamilySearch sync feature is not the only new feature planned for RootsMagic 4. Bruce told us that the blog would roll-out minor features and progress onto larger items as he goes on. With NFS features this week I can't wait to see what else is coming up.

I think you just might want to keep a eye on the RootsMagic blog like me.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Jennifer said...


Thank you for posting about Roots Magic. I am one that has been interested in watching how these certified programs all pan out. I am currently beta testing AQ and it is very similar to PAF. Those that love PAF will like AQ. I am really interested in Roots Magic as it has many great features. I like the FamilySearch Central feature. What a great time we live in. Thank you again.

Nick Stoddard said...

I've used the new Ancestral Quest and was very disappointed in the lack of features included. After going to some of Bruce's classes on Roots Magic I was expecting so much more from other programs. Hopefully Roots Magic can come out soon!