Friday, January 23, 2009

Upload Your GEDCOM at We're Related on Facebook

The following announcement is from

We're Related on Facebook has just added a major site enhancement, which will be available by noon on Friday. Now, individuals can upload their Gedcom files (up to 8 megabytes). The process is smooth and easy. The family tree section on We're Related is also much easier to use. Plus, every person on We're Related now has their own profile page that their relatives can view. We're Related is growing rapidly. We're Related currently has more than 19.2 million users with 10.5 million monthly active users. It is the number five application on Facebook for the "most active users." We're Related on Facebook is free. Join today!

Renee's Note: I am excited for the enhancement and can't wait to get home from the Family History Center to upload a current version of my GEDCOM.


Bernard said...

Let me know how it works. Hopefully I can see the results on your Facebook page.

The downside is constantly updating the gedcom file since it is never stagnant.


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