Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New FamilySearch Roll-out Hits Idaho & Utah

Yes, it's official the roll-out to Idaho and Utah is taking place. I received today the dates for the first temples in this area to go live.

Sister Zamora,

The Twin Falls Temple district will begin using new FamilySearch on April 14 and Monticello will begin using the new system on April 21. Rexburg, Manti, and Vernal have received notices that they are in the preparation stage. Official “go live” dates will not be given for these temples until they are two weeks out from the release of the system.


With this exciting news I have updated my "New FamilySearch Roll-out" spreadsheet. We have 129 Temple Districts, with 108 now live with NFS. Five temple districts have been announced to go live and 15 remain to receive notification. Four of those are in the Asia & Middle East Temple Districts and are reportably going to be the last to go online.

Instead of having the whole Wasatch Front go live with NFS at one time it has been decided to do a slow release, starting with the smaller temple districts. Rumor has it that larger temple districts, such as South Jordan, will be among the last to go live in that area. It has also been speculated that the release might take place in partial temple districts by stakes.

Either way its exciting to see NFS reach this leg of the journey. Now all we need to do is keep the release in our prayers that it will run smoothly. AND, Please, Please, Please, PLUS a word of CAUTION, individuals that just get access to NFS don't go uploading a GEDCOM to the system!! It was the IOUS (Individuals of Unusual Size) that brought the roll-out to a halt before and could very well do it again.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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