Thursday, November 10, 2011

FREE WWII Content Nov 11-20th on Fold3

The following is from Fold3 (formerly Footnote).

Fold3 This Month in History

Access the World War II Collection

Help us recognize Veterans Day by exploring our World War II Collection. In this collection you'll discover records, documents, stories, and photos, plus you have the opportunity to add your own. Highlights include:
  • Interactive USS Arizona Memorial - search for a name on the memorial wall and follow it through to a Memorial Page where you can add your own stories, photos, and facts for any USS Arizona casualty.
  • WWII Hero Pages - the World War II Army Enlistment Records help you begin a Hero Page, then add more stories, details, and photos. Invite your family and friends to contribute, too.
  • WWII Photos - over 80,000 photos from within every theater of the war with particular emphases on personnel, aircraft, bombings, maps, recreation, and more. Upload your own historical photos and add to the collection.
  • World War II Documents - official reports, first-hand accounts of battles, records of missing aircraft, and submarine patrol reports are only a few of the documents that bring to light the details of WWII and those who served in it. Click The Holocaust Collectionbanner for the most comprehensive online collection of Holocaust records, stories, maps, and photos.
Whether you're interested in the historic events or the people who influenced them, Fold3 brings these stories directly to you through documents, pages, and photos as we honor those who served in World War II and in all military engagements throughout U.S. history.

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